Applications For Funding

The Foundation welcomes applications for funding on studies in the following areas:

  • Refinement in experimental techniques, anaesthesia and analgesia to reduce pain and distress
  • Objective measures of animal welfare.
  • Studies to ensure scientific basis for housing and husbandry standard
  • Validation of environmental enrichment to improve behavioural well being

    Priority shall be given to applications arising from European research institutions. Applicants outside Europe may however apply.

    Funding is conditional on publication of results in peer reviewed journals and presentation at international Scientific meetings. We encourage funding applications arising from candidates involved in mentored research that will lead to scientific publications and subsequent ECLAM board certification.

    Funds can be offered by our sponsors for targeted projects but the fund receiver will be independent and chosen following due review and allocation by the grants board.

    Due to a reorganisation in the Foundation, the foundation will not be supporting applications for funding for 2009. We hope to be able to accept applications for projects in 2010, pending sufficient support from our sponsors. Please see this website for information. Guidelines for applicants and information how to submit an application, can be downloaded here: 2009-2010 form - Not Currently Available

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