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The overall aims of the ECLAM and ESLAV Foundation Ltd are:

1. To promote research regarding the care or use of laboratory animals in order to relieve any pain or distress of such animals and to disseminate the useful results of such research for the public benefit.

2. To advance public education regarding the improved care of laboratory animals in order to relieve any pain or distress of such animals.

In particular it will fund studies for the discovery, validation and implementation of refinement of the care and use of animals in research

The independent board of directors shall be drawn from Industry, Breeders and Academia.

The Foundation's grants board shall be comprised of ECLAM and ESLAV members and others. Funds accumulated shall in their entirety be used for grants purposes or for administration of the grants. No funds shall be transferred to the sponsor organisations:
ECLAM: European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine - Training and Certification in Laboratory Animal Medicine.
ESLAV: European Society of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians - Represents Laboratory Animal Veterinarians in Europe.

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